Top 8 GPTs You Don’t Want to Miss in 2024

Top 8 GPTs You Don’t Want to Miss in 2024
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It’s official — the GPT Store has launched, and it’s a game-changer for tech enthusiasts everywhere! As of now, every GPT Plus user has exclusive access to this innovative hub, packed with the most advanced GPTs on the market. In this post, we’re diving into the top 10 GPTs that are not just making waves but creating a whole new ocean of possibilities. Get ready to discover the GPTs you definitely don’t want to miss!

1. Blog Expert by Faisal Binateeq

Blog expert is SEO blog content creator with expertise in keyword optimization and engaging writing. Tell this GPT what you want to write about in the blog, and it will generate the title, meta-description, slug, and excerpt for you. It will also suggest to you the possible outline of the article and which aspects to write about. The writing style of this GPT is conversational and accessible, employing contractions, idioms, and colloquial language to make the content more relatable and easy to digest. A good helper to blog writers!

2. Logo Creator by Chase Lean

Logo Creator is a useful GPT for generating professional logo designs and app icons. Using a set of guided questions (preferred style, color, quantity, etc.), it tailors the design process to each user's needs, ensuring that the final logo aligns with their vision. Whether you're looking for something playful, neutral, or serious, and regardless of complexity or color preferences, I'm here to help bring your logo ideas to life. Here's a series of logos it created for an ice cream company:

3. KnowledgeGrapher by Florian Reifschneider

KnowledgeGrapher is a specialized GPT designed to assist users in understanding complex topics by creating and presenting visual knowledge graphs. When a user provides a topic or source, KnowledgeGrapher employs web browsing to gather pertinent information. This information is then systematically organized into a knowledge graph, where nodes represent real-world entities such as people, places, organizations, or concepts, and edges connect these nodes, labeled to indicate the nature of the relationships between them. KnowledgeGrapher does not narrate or explain the graph in text, but rather allows the visual representation to convey the information.

4. Drawn to Style by UMESH N

Drawn to Style is a GPT that specializes in transforming user-uploaded drawings into various artistic styles. Users can choose from styles like photorealistic, minimalist, neon minimalist, or request custom styles. It describes the artistic style briefly after transformation. It focuses on diversity and inclusivity in human figures, avoids copyrighted characters or living people, and can assist with related queries using its browser tool, maintaining confidentiality about its operation.

5. ScholarAI by

ScholarAI is an AI specialized in scientific research, adept at summarizing academic papers, exploring research connections, and answering detailed queries about scholarly articles. It provides hyperlinked citations for easy access to sources, balancing comprehensive coverage with precise analysis.

6. Video AI by invideo

Video AI by invideo is a ChatGPT variant designed for creating narrated videos from brief descriptions. It specializes in producing content for platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and for advertisements, covering a variety of topics. This AI tailors videos to suit specific audiences and styles, focusing on engagement and relevance. Users provide a brief, and the AI determines the rest, including audience, tone, and video length. The final product is a link to the fully produced video. However, after a video is generated, to view it, you’ll need to create an account with invideo. This is what it presents after I prompt about making a video introducing the French New Wave.

7. Language Coach by Watchovr LLC

Language Coach is GPT designed to help users improve their language skills. It’s suitable for various contexts, from business to casual conversation, and can change its tone to fit the situation. One of Language Coach’s unique features is its ability to adjust the difficulty of its responses based on the user’s interactions. If a user struggles with a particular aspect of the language, Language Coach will simplify its language or provide explanations in the user’s native tongue.

8. Designer GPT By Pietro Schirano

DesignerGPT is a specialized AI designed for creating HTML web pages on demand. It generates custom web designs based on user instructions, ensuring each page is visually appealing and functional. Once a design is complete, DesignerGPT sends the HTML to a server, creating a live webpage that users can access through a provided link. This GPT variant offers a unique, real-time web design experience.


Beyond these highlighted GPTs, there are millions more waiting for you in the GPT Store, each with its unique capabilities and features. Curious to find the perfect GPT for your needs? Just hop into the GPT Store and type in any keyword. You’re just a search away from discovering a world of innovative and tailored GPT solutions!

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Briefy - AI-powered content summarizer
Turn lengthy texts, audios, and videos into structured, easy-to-digest summaries with 1 click.
Written by Nan Ha.