These are the Top 1O AI Products on Discord in 2023

These are the Top 1O AI Products on Discord in 2023
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AI has been the hottest topic in 2023, following the birth of ChatGPT in November 2022. Within this whole year, what AI products have generated the biggest hype and influence?

To uncover the most influential AI products on Discord in 2023, we turned to an analysis shared in a Twitter post by Olivia Moore. This post, backed by data from Similarweb, provides an insightful look into the top ten AI apps on Discord based on their invite page traffic. 👇

At the forefront is Midjourney, claiming a staggering 13% of all Discord invite traffic, a clear indicator of its widespread popularity and engagement.

Following closely is Pika, occupying the second spot with 2% of total traffic.

The rest of the top ten list includes AI Hub, Moonvalley, Voicemod, Suno AI, Bluewillow, Adobe Firefly, Open AI, and SeaArt. Each of these platforms brings unique value to Discord’s AI ecosystem, varying from creative tools to advanced AI applications, illustrating a vibrant and diverse AI community.

So, what on earth are these AI products and why are they so popular? Let’s take a close look. 👇


You most likely have known or tried this tool, but let us give you a general introduction. Midjourney is a generative AI tool that creates images from natural language descriptions. Developed by the San Francisco–based independent research lab Midjourney, Inc., it allows users to generate visual content based on text prompts. Since the open beta for Midjourney on July 12, 2022, and its further development, Midjourney has become a popular choice for artists, designers, and anyone interested in experimenting with AI-powered creativity.

Midjourney utilizes deep learning, with neural networks processing complex data in layers to interpret and respond to user prompts. This sophisticated AI training enables it to create highly nuanced and realistic images, improving in effectiveness and efficiency over time.

By being active on Discord, Midjourney isn’t just an AI tool; it’s a hub for creative sharing and collaboration. What it’s building is more than just software — it’s an AI community where users can chat, express, and showcase their imagination. This community aspect adds another layer to Midjourney’s appeal. Users aren’t just creating images; they’re part of a dynamic group where ideas flow, feedback is shared, and inspiration abounds.


Pika offers an idea-to-video platform that enables users to bring their creativity to life through motion. It recently gathered significant hype as an AI startup. The buzz around Pika intensified when it announced that it had raised $55 million in a funding round, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners and included participation from Homebrew, Conviction Capital, SV Angel, Ben’s Bites, and other notable angel investors. A truly rising star in the world of AI.

So, what’s special about Pika?

Pika represents a significant advancement in video creation, integrating advanced AI models to generate and edit videos in various styles like 3D animation, anime, cartoons, and cinematic sequences. This positions Pika as a tool that democratizes high-quality video production. Want to create a cinematic trailer by Pika? Easy-pisey.

Pika has been operating its community on Discord, and consistently teaches users better prompts for using Pika to generate videos. The recent upgrade of Pika 1.0 has introduced a web interface, but you need to join the waitlist first to try it out.

AI Hub

AI Hub is a community dedicated to making AI voices and songs. It mainly uses RVC — Retrieval-based Voice Conversion. On its Discord server, the community has compiled an extensive collection of AI-generated voices, including those of artists, politicians, and other public figures, totaling over 100 different voices. These AI voices can be used creatively to generate songs or music, allowing users to experiment by replacing their own vocal tracks with those of famous personalities. Wanna make an AI voice model by yourself? Sure. AI Hub’s Discord server offers a channel to get model maker. Overall, it’s a very fun community that encourages members to create voice and music and make new AI voice models, showcasing a strong commitment to innovation in AI-generated music and voice technology.


Moonvalley helps people produce studio-quality video and animation in minutes with cutting-edge deep-learning video technology. The platform enables the creation of stunning, HD+ videos and animations across various styles, ranging from hyperrealistic videos to anime and more. This flexibility makes Moonvalley a powerful tool for content creators looking to explore different visual aesthetics and themes. Operating primarily on Discord, Moonvalley leverages advanced AI algorithms to interpret and visualize user-provided prompts.

Moonvalley is similar to Pika. If you need a text-to-video AI tool, don’t forget to try Pika and Moonvalley yourself to see the difference between these tools, as well as the video quality.


Voicemod is recognized as an industry leader in AI audio tools, particularly known for its real-time AI voice changer. Voicemod features a massive collection of AI-powered voice filters, which enable users to transform their voices into different digital personas, offering more realistic-sounding voices that work in real-time during voice chats. The app includes a wide array of voice types, such as male-to-female and female-to-male voices, narrator voices, and even unique options like a terrifying creepy doll voice.

Voicemod’s new feature: Text to Song, allows you to create original song snippets easily. You just need to select your musical track, choose your AI singer, and finally, type your text — this can be a message to a friend, a musical birthday card, or whatever you like. Then, share it with your friends on Discord or any other messaging platform.

Suno AI

Suno AI is an audio generator. Suno AI is developed by Anthropic, it stands out in the tech world for its unique ability to create high-quality original songs, instrumentals, and vocals from text inputs. Users can input any form of text — lyrics, quotes, or even random phrases — and Suno AI, using its two main models, Bark and Chirp, transforms these into musical compositions across various genres. This technology, accessible via a Discord bot, represents a significant advancement in computer-generated music and creativity, allowing for the creation of realistic and diverse musical pieces from simple text prompts.


Bluewillow is this cool AI tool that’s been catching a lot of buzz lately. As an AI artwork generator, Bluewillow stands out for its ability to generate stunning art pieces, logos, and more. It’s easy for anyone to use, regardless of their experience with AI or art creation.

With a community of over 2 million users on Discord, and over 500 million images generated by Bluewillow’s users in 2023, Bluewillow has widespread acceptance and the creative potential of its users. Bluewillow was acquired by LimeWire in September 2023, and is now elevating LimeWire’s AI Studio. At the same time, the combination of LimeWire’s easy-to-use AI Studio and its Web3 features will enhance the experience for BlueWillow’s community. This will enable users to not only utilize a wide range of AI models but also to monetize their creations on a unified platform and share the ad revenue in $LMWR.

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly, introduced in 2023, is a new suite of generative AI art tools by Adobe, designed to integrate seamlessly with Adobe Creative Cloud applications like Photoshop and After Effects. It includes text-to-image generators and AI text effects, catering to a wide range of creative needs. Its impressive beta launch saw over 70 million images generated in the first month, highlighting its potential for widespread application and commercial viability.

In addition to its technical prowess, Adobe Firefly has cultivated a vibrant community on its dedicated Discord server. This platform has become a hub for over 560,000 creators to connect, share their work, and gain inspiration. Regular hangouts and interactive sessions on the server allow users to offer feedback directly to Adobe, fostering a collaborative environment. This community aspect not only enhances user engagement with Firefly but also connects designers, creatives, and AI enthusiasts, further enriching the creative possibilities offered by Adobe’s innovative toolset.


For all AI enthusiasts, OpenAI must be as familiar as it gets. OpenAI’s Discord server is a platform for developers and enthusiasts to connect, share their work, and stay informed about the latest developments in AI from OpenAI.

The server is alive with discussions on AI and machine learning, collaborative coding projects, and the sharing of resources like articles, tutorials, and videos. Even research papers related to AI are frequently shared and discussed, facilitating a deeper understanding of the field. It’s also known for hosting engaging community events such as coding challenges and hackathons. Plus, it offers great networking opportunities, allowing members to connect and expand their professional circles, and a platform to showcase and get feedback on their AI projects


And, the last on the list is SeaArt. SeaArt is a platform where you can transform text prompts into high-quality images. It leverages Stable Diffusion, a generative model known for producing diverse and realistic images from natural language inputs. This makes it an ideal tool for artists and designers looking to convert their ideas into tangible artwork with ease.

The platform is rich in features, offering users a wide range of options to unleash their creativity. Users can access a library of pre-trained models to explore different art styles, from realistic to anime. SeaArt AI also provides capabilities to enhance image quality and offers fine-tuning options to ensure the final output aligns with the user’s vision. And, there are editing tools for further customization.

What’s the Next Big Hit in Generative AI?

As we wrap up this exploration of the top 10 AI products on Discord in 2023, it’s clear that the landscape of AI-driven tools and communities is not just growing, but thriving with innovation and creativity.

Could something like Pika be the next big thing, maybe even reaching ChatGPT-level fame? The way AI is evolving, it feels like anything’s possible. We’re probably heading towards AI that doesn’t just create stuff but gets us on a deeper level — think AI that can tailor content to your mood or even help you learn in a way that’s just right for you. And who knows, the next big AI star could be just around the corner, ready to change the game in everything from how we work to how we chill out. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where cool tech meets real-life needs, all while keeping things fair and safe for everyone.

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Written by Nan Ha.