📣 Briefy’s Release Note 1.3.0

📣 Briefy’s Release Note 1.3.0

We are excited to introduce the latest update for Briefy! 🎉 Let's take a look together.👇

🪄 Enhanced Briefy magic button logic for improved user experience

Briefy has recently upgraded its magic button logic to provide an even better user experience. Now, you’ll notice that the embedded magic button appears on content pages from the most-visited websites in the world.📰

For the other websites, Briefy has introduced a floating magic button that displays on content pages. You can find it in the bottom-right corner of your browser.🌍

The magic button by Briefy also extends its presence to the browser extension menu, taking full advantage of its capabilities to make your experience seamless and effortless.🛋️

Summarize at any point in your reading journey with Briefy!🚀

📚 Improved user guidance

The latest updates now include detailed instructions on how to download and install the browser extension, as well as how to effectively use Briefy once it’s installed.👍

Whether you’re a seasoned user or new to Briefy, you’ll find helpful resources and step-by-step instructions to make the most out of its features and functionalities. From exploring the various menu options to understanding the magic button’s capabilities, Briefy is dedicated to ensuring that you have all the guidance you need.📖

🐛 Squashed some bugs

We also squashed some bugs to make your Briefy summarization experience even more smooth.💪

Update now and enjoy a faster, more efficient Briefy experience! Stay productive and save time with Briefy! ⚡️📚

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