📣 Briefy’s Release Note 1.2.0

📣 Briefy’s Release Note 1.2.0

We are overjoyed to announce the latest update for Briefy! Here’s what you can look forward to:👇

🇯🇵Supported specifying output language in Japanese

こんにちは!Briefy has now expanded its horizons and can turn content in any language into concise summaries in Japanese!🌸 We have exciting plans for the future, which include adding more output language options.

💼 Added a new interface for the extension action button

Briefy has just unveiled a brand new interface for the extension action button. Now, when you click on the action button, a convenient pull-down menu will appear, offering a range of useful options such as checking your account, providing feedback, logging out, etc.

💪 Improved the experience of the magic button and user menu

By simply clicking on any option shown after you click the magic button/action button, you will unlock a world of endless possibilities on the improved user menu page!🖱️ You can check your plan, customize settings to suit your preferences (including output language), and effortlessly connect with our team for any assistance you may require.

Squashed some bugs 🐛

Our team has been hard at work ensuring a smoother experience. Enjoy improved stability and reliability!

Upgrade to the latest version of Briefy today and enjoy these exciting new features! We’re committed to making your reading journey joyful and efficient! 🌈

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Turn lengthy texts, audios, and videos into structured, easy-to-digest summaries with 1 click.

Briefy has officially launched on Product Hunt and we couldn’t be more excited! Thanks to your support, we are already ranking #7 on our launch day! 🔥 But the journey doesn’t end here — we need your continued support to make Briefy even more successful. Let’s take it to new heights by upvoting Briefy on Product Hunt!🚀