📣 Briefy’s Release Note 1.1.0

📣 Briefy’s Release Note 1.1.0

We are delighted to introduce the latest update for Briefy, packed with exciting features and improvements to enhance your productivity. 💪Here’s what you can expect:👇

🔋 Supported stream response

Experience lightning-fast loading speed as Briefy now supports stream response. Get the information you need, quicker than ever before! ⚡️

⏱️ Time saved display

Stay motivated and see just how much time Briefy has saved you! With our latest update, we now display the time saved by using Briefy. Celebrate your productivity achievements! 🎉

🔄 Optimized user onboarding flow

We’ve listened to your feedback and made it even easier to get started with Briefy. Enjoy a seamless onboarding experience that will have you up and running in no time! 🙌 🚀

🔧 Bug fixes and improvements

We’ve been hard at work addressing your concerns. Rest assured, we’ve fixed the issue of summarizing Medium posts, ensuring a smooth reading experience. We’ve also squashed some bugs along the way for an even better Briefy experience! 🐞

You can try Briefy on the Medium post to experience the improvement!

How to Live a Happy Life: 7 Keys to a Fulfilling Existence
This story is written by ChatGPT for demo purposes.

Update now and enjoy a faster, more efficient Briefy experience! Stay productive and save time with Briefy! ⚡️📚

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