📣 Briefy Release Note 1.9.0

📣 Briefy Release Note 1.9.0

We are delighted to bring you the latest version updates about Briefy. We strive to provide users with the best possible experience and expand more user-friendly features as much as possible. Check details👇🏼

💭New Feature: Supported rendering summaries in Markdown

Briefy 1.9.0 new feature updated: Users can obtain summaries in Markdown format within Briefy, to achieve better content presentation.

Supported rendering summaries in Markdown

💡New Feature: Supported subscription with annual plans

Briefy 1.9.0 introduces more subscription options to meet the diverse needs of our users. Starting now, users can subscribe to Briefy on an annual basis. Compared to the monthly subscription, the annual plan offers users a discount of up to 30%. Now, by clicking on "Pricing" on the homepage, you can view the latest annual plans and their features.

Supported subscription with annual plans

🛠️ Fixed UI misalignment on some websites

We fixed an issue that resulted in UI misalignment on certain websites, where the old versions of UI blocked most areas of the webpage. If you still find any UI rendering issues, please send feedback to us.

💅🏻 Polished the UI elements and squashed some bugs

Last but not least, we've enhanced the UI of the Briefy interface and squashed some bugs, ensuring a more seamless and efficient user experience. 🍏🔧

You can now start using the latest version of Briefy 1.9.0 and experience the newest features. We are very eager to hear your feedback, as it is very important to us.👇🏼


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